Wednesday, January 10, 2007

female furniture

Allen Jones

Allen Jones (born 1 September 1937) is a British pop artist famous for his exhibition of erotic sculptures, like the set Chair, Table and Hat Stand (1969), each of which turns a woman into an item of furniture. Much of his work draws on the imagery of rubber fetishism and BDSM.

Jones designed the film Maîtresse (dir. Barbet Schroeder, 1976).

The sculptures in the Korova Milkbar from the film A Clockwork Orange were based on works by Jones. from Wikipedia

A Clockwork Orange の Korova Milkbar のオブジェは Allen Jones の作品がベースに成っているそうです。

from Flickr: designucdavis' photos tagged with des40b
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Korova Milkbar

from Korova Milkbar at "Clockwork Orange"

スタンリー・キューブリック (Stanley Kubrick) の時計じかけのオレンジ (A Clockwork Orange) は大好きな映画で、映画で使われたオブジェ (Herman Makkink's Rocking Machine) も以前紹介しました。



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Real good horrorshow!!

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A Clockwork Orange world... =D

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