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by Liselotte Schuppers

From Liselotte Schuppers Photography

Jasper Goodall

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The Hashish Girl

Sture Johannesson
“Revolution Means Revolutionary Consciousness”, (1968)
Art description:

The poster was made as paraphrase on Eugene Delacroix famous painting Liberty Leading the People, 1848. Instead of a woman showing her breast holding a gun and a banner, on the poster there is a naked woman holding a peace pipe and a sun feather with the text “Revolution Means Revolutionary Consciousness”. Notably is also the hemp leaf and the small bubbles of Che Guevara’s head rising from
a the pipe. A small version of the Liberty Leading the People is included in the poster. It indicated a pacifist alternative to the romance of violence surrounding the armed struggle demanded by the revolution.


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Too big for you?

大きすぎるんじゃないでしょうか? mrgreen

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Hand Job Machine for women


Taka Kato is the most famous male porn star in Japan. And this product, Taka's Hand, is molded from Taka's hand.
You can use it as a viberater, or just an art object. It's up to you!

Taka's Hand
女性用の手コキマシーンの様です。 mrgreen
男性用の手コキマシーンはこちら (Hand Job Machine for men) です。

Cynthia P Caster

the Cynthia P Caster Foundation

Cynthia Plaster Caster began making plaster casts of rock stars' erect penises in 1968. Begun originally as a goof, and as a way to meet the idols of her affection, the project has consumed the last 35 years of her life. Rock stars, their roadies, their managers as well as other peripheral players central to the rock scene have been cast in varying degrees of glory and arousal. In an ironic twist of fate, Cynthia’s fame now eclipses some of the names she once stooped to immortalize in plaster. As if erect penises were not enough, in 2000 she began casting breasts as well.
Jimi Hendrix
The Godfather of Whopper Choppers in my collection! Because this was one of my first shots at plaster casting, the end result came out kind of gnarly. I prematurely cracked the mold open, only to find a still-moist, broken cast inside. So yes, Jimi did in fact, break the mold! But thanks to Elmer's Glue, I managed to reconnect the head to the shaft to the testicles. Very statuesque and antique-looking; like Grecian art. The Canadian underground paper Georgia Straight called it the "Penis de Milo." There's no denying that Jimi towers over most of my collection. His long, thick shaft combined with his disproportionately small head brings a shudder to the spinal cord!
天才ギタリストと言われ、パフォーマンス等でも多くの影響を与えたジミヘン(ジミ・ヘンドリックス)の持ち物を型取ったんだそうです。外見からも立派な持ち物を持っていそうですが、実際、立派ですね。 mrgreen

From Cynthia P Caster


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Phallus Gallery

Phallus Gallery

Phallic Art has been honored thoughout history as a symbol of fertility, prosperity and abundance. This was back in a time when human kind had not created preconcieved ideas of vulgarity when referring to phallic subjects.

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Elena & Vitaly Vasilieva

Contrast with metal

Let me fix my weave

ordinary life

下のリンク先には格好良い写真が沢山有ります。 biggrin
From Photos by Elena & Vitaly Vasilieva
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Uwe Scheid's 1000 Nudes

From Uwe Scheid's 1000 Nudes

Tracy Nakayama

The Conversation

ヒッピーの雰囲気が漂ってます。 biggrin
From Bodybuilder & Sportsman

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Stadium looks like a vagina

Boing Boing : China Olympic stadium design entry resembles giant snatch?

To some viewers, this design for the 2008 Olympic stadium to be constructed in Beijing looks like a definitive portion of female anatomy.
「全米が顔を赤らめた!」 redface

欧米諸国にはマネが出来ないと思われます。 mrgreen

"ひょっとこ" と "おかめ"

"ひょっとこ" と "おかめ"
ここでのメインは "ひょっとこ" と "おかめ" で、徳利ではありません。 mrgreen


何か恥ずかしそうです。 mrgreen


鮮度は良さそうです。 mrgreen