Monday, January 15, 2007

Bernard Perroud

by Bernard Perroud
左側のはコーヒーで年代物に見える様にしているそうです。 biggrin

by Bernard Perroud
20年前に書いたそうです。 biggrin

スカルプターと自己紹介されていますが、絵とかも書かれています。 biggrin

from Bernard Perroud
his site


Bernard said...

Thank you very much for posting some of my pieces!
Very nice choice! Elegant lay-out, wow!
I often browse your site and find some fruit.

PRU said...

ベルンアル は 友人 であり その 仕事 は 興味深い...

Bernard said...

could you be so nice and translate into english the japanese text that accompains the post about me?
Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bernard, :-)
Thank you for the impressive pictures!

Hi PRU, :-)
I agree with you.

PRU said...

Bernard, you do not speak Japanese? I said that I consider you a friend and I find your work very interesting... ¿contento? hehehe...

bananafish, 挨拶、 私の友人...