Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Urinals of Dairy Queen

The Urinals of Dairy Queen

These urinals are located in the Dairy Queen restaurant in Port Charlotte, FL
The urinal below is a women's urinal, a Urinette "She-inal". These pictures were submitted by JM.

"The 'She-inal' was designed by a Pensacola, FL woman named Kathie Jones. In the early 1990's she set out to design a urinal intended specifically for women, but this fixture never caught on for various reasons."

"While it's as not as versatile as a regular toilet, it still takes up the same amount of floor space. The funnel-like device that is is shared by everyone using the urinal also proved not to be a popular feature. Because of those reasons, not more than 700 'She-inals' were sold before Urinette, the company that manufactured it, sold the manufacturing rights."
女性用だそうです。 hmmlaugh
メーカーが権利を売り渡すまでに700も売れなかったと書いてありますが、そんなに売れたという事が信じられません。 mrgreen

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